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marlee813 ([personal profile] marlee813) wrote2011-07-03 03:18 pm

Kink_Bingo Here We Come!

kink bingo card image cardset5-872.jpg || row 1: | fisting / stretching | food | oral fixation | silence | mechanical / technological || row 2: | temperature play | hypnosis / mind control | orgasm denial / control | pervertibles | animal play || row 3: | gangbang | washing / cleaning | wildcard | worship | spanking / paddling || row 4: | breathplay | pictures | writing on the body | uniforms / military kink | caning || row 5: | exhibitionism | held down | sensation play | bodies and body parts | drugs / aphrodisiacs

I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo last night and got my card today, you can blame [personal profile] janice_lester  for that haha <3!! Yay I'm super excited although extremely intimidated considering I got quite a few kinks that I'm very nervous to write but I think I can do it. I'm gonna have to think up some ideas and maybe google some of these considering the fact that I don't know what some of these mean. Pervertibles? Mechanical (is that like a fucking machine)?

Whew I've got my word cut out for me. Finishing up some beta and alpha work, finishing two K/S fics in the works and then hello kink time. If you've got any ideas that would be great too. I'm always good at filling OTHER peoples prompts lol.